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Green developed Pest Control service specifically for Pharmaceuticals industries, this is effective and environmentally responsible. We based the service on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) recommendations for Pharmaceuticals without harm, an international coalition of hospitals and health care systems dedicated to safe and ecologically sustainable health care. Then we added a comprehensive reporting system to provide you with everything you need for reviews by facility administration.


Ant is the most common pest in pharmaceuticals factory. Other pest such as cockroach and other arthropod and rat also is a problem in factory area. Application of pesticide to ‘risk to health’ areas in and around the building will be avoided.
Residual application of pesticides will be made to hiding and breeding places of common household pests such as cockroaches, ants, and other arthropod pests. A ‘cracks-and-crevices’ application approach will be followed. Pesticides will be applied in such a way that pests get maximum exposure to pesticides while contamination with pesticides of other areas of the factory is avoided. Inside area for cockroach and ant control non toxic bait gel will be applied. Breeding and hiding places of all areas (main house, guard posts, servant quarter, ancillary buildings, roof tops, etc) will be located and treated accordingly. Manholes, drains and service pipes which harbour American cockroaches and other pests, will also be treated. Appropriate pesticides will be applied to gardens (if present) to control the arthropod pests.

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